Once your Moodle account is configured to use ProQuest as an External Tool by your Moodle administrator, you will be able to search for ProQuest documents from within Moodle, select them, and embed them directly for viewing within Moodle courses. The advantage of this method is that users will be able to read external documents from ProQuest without leaving Moodle, and users will not be prompted to authenticate.

This document describes the process of adding a ProQuest document as an activity within a Moodle course.
  1. After logging into Moodle, select the course where you would like to embed a ProQuest document. Note that you will need course editing privileges to proceed.
  2. Open the course in Editing mode by selecting the Turn editing on button.
  3. Select the + Add an activity or resource option.
  4. From the list of options that appear in the popup, select the ProQuest external tool. The name of this tool is variable and is set by the Moodle administrator.
  5. A form will display for Adding a new External tool to your course. 
  6. Enter an Activity name. You can change this later.
  7. To choose a ProQuest document to embed, click the Select Content button under the Activity name.
  8. A frame will open and display the home page of the ProQuest platform configured for your Moodle account.
  9. You can search and browse within this frame to find the document you wish to link to.
  10. Once identified, the document display page will have a Select this document button near the top of the page. Use this button to select the document you’d like to embed in your module. This will return you to the Adding a new External tool... form in Moodle.
A screenshot of the ProQuest LTI application running within a window in Canvas. A document view page is shown. Above the document, there is a "Select this document" button.
  1. For the best experience, we recommend setting the value of the Launch Container dropdown menu to “New window.” To reveal this option, click on the “Show more” link at the bottom of the “General” section. 
  2. When you’ve finished adjusting the other settings for this external tool, click the Save and display button to complete the process and preview the embedded document.