Simplify Your Subscriptions 

ProQuest offers the following options to help simplify and manage your subscriptions.

The ProQuest Invoice Portal 

We are pleased to announce the launch of the ProQuest Invoice Portal.  It is the online resource for your ProQuest products and services when it comes to invoicing and the status of your spend.  

With this service you will be able to:  Ebook convenience
Ebook customers with ProQuest Deposit accounts can view balances, including pending transactions, for up-to-the-last hour of spend. 
NOTE: If you're a user of LIbCentral, you will be able to access the ProQuest Invoice Portal via LibCentral.  Please visit  Access to the ProQuest Invoice Portal from LibCentral for more details. 

Get Started using the ProQuest Invoice Portal today. 
To get register please go to ProQuest Invoice Portal Registration.
For additional information please visit: ProQuest Invoice Portal  

Available now: EasyRenew and more

When it comes to subscriptions ... simplify!  Based on customer feedback, we now offer new renewal services to save you time and resources. 

ProQuest Support Center: Case Management Access

Registering for case management access empowers librarians and administrators to submit and track cases, plus find answers about your ProQuest products and services at your convenience.

Self-Service 24/7 ProQuest Knowledgebase:  Learn about the ProQuest Support Center now. Then register for an account, and you will receive your login credentials and can begin to manage your support cases.