We now offer usage stats within our enhanced admin portal to obtain your institution’s usage information of collections. This portal offers many benefits, including COUNTER 4-compliant reports, SUSHI-enabled reports, and customized reports you can export by title, subject, and collection. 

To access the your stats visit http://adminportal.alexanderstreet.com.

To download a printable quick reference guide on how to use the new portal, see the attachments section.

Watch these short videos to get the most out of the admin portal:

If you already have an account on the existing stats website, you may use those log in credentials on this site.

If you need to create an account on the enhanced admin portal, please contact us at support@alexanderstreet.com.

Please note that if your institution has not started using this portal, you will not see any usage. For a list of all the collections that are currently available on the new interface, please visit our interface FAQ. As collections are added to the new interface, you will be able to access their usage stats through the new portal.

The existing stats website is still available to track usage on the “old” interface at http://stats.alexanderstreet.com.  If some patrons are using the new interface and some are using the old interface, you will need to obtain stats from both sites until everyone is using the new interface. To download a quick reference guide on using the old platform, see the attachments section.

Usage Statistics Legend

For terms and definitions related to the NEW stats portal, please see Appendix A of the COUNTER Code of Practice for eResources.

For terms and definitions relating to the existing stats portal, please see below.