Advanced Search presents the option to search using multiple fields and word or phrase combinations.
To perform an advanced search in Ebook Central, just click on the “Advanced Search” option located under the search box on the search page.

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There are 12 advanced search options and a limit of 10 options may be used for a search at one time. The options available are Keyword & Full Text, Title, Series Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, BISAC Code, BISAC Subject Heading, LC Subject Heading, LC Call Number, Dewey Decimal Number, & Ebook Central Subject.
Click the + button to add additional search lines.

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1.  Keyword & Full Text
Keyword & Full Text search will provide a full list of topics related to the keyword and ranked by relevance. You may also use the Keyword option for title and the document ID to locate a specific ebook or use the document ID and ISBN to locate a specific book.

2.  Title
Title search is useful when you know the title or part of the title you are searching for.

3.  Series Title
Use the Series Title search when you know the name of the series you are searching for. The Series Title search will retrieve ebooks within that series.

4.  Author
Use the author search to retrieve all titles by a specific author.

5.  Publisher
The Publisher search is used to retrieve all titles written by a specific publisher.

6.  ISBN
ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. You can use the ISBN search to retrieve a specific ebook with that has that ISBN.

7.  BISAC Code

Each BISAC subject descriptor is represented by a nine character alphanumeric code. You can use this code to search a for a specific BISAC subject. For example, a BISAC Code search for "HIS001040" would retrieve HISTORY / Africa / South / General. You may also search using more than one BISAC code.

8.  BISAC Subject Heading
BISAC Subject Headings are a list of over 3000 standardized subject headings that may be used to search subject areas and refine the search on a hierarchical and more granular level. One example is a search for "history" would retrieve history / modern / 20th century as an option. You may also search using more than one BISAC subject heading.

9.  LC Subject Heading
The LC (Library of Congress Control Number) subject heading may be used to find a specific ebooks with that subject within the LC subject headings. You may also s
earch using more than one LC subject heading.

10.  LC Call Number
You can use the LC Call Number search to find an ebook assigned a specific LC call number or within an LC subclass.

11.  Dewey Decimal Number
Use the Dewey Decimal Number search to retrieve ebooks with a specific Dewey number.

12.  Ebook Central Subject
The Ebook Central Subject search is used to search for ebooks with specific subjects listed on Ebook Central.

Search Tips:

All search fields are combined using AND by default. To perform an OR search for multiple terms within the same search parameter, enter them within the same line combined with the OR operator. 

What you enterWhat is searched
Keyword & Full Text contains great depressiongreat AND depression
Keyword & Full Text contains “great depression”great AND depression
Keyword & Full Text contains great AND depressiongreat AND depression
Keyword & Full Text contains great
Keyword & Full Text contains depression
great AND depression
Keyword & Full Text matches great depression“great depression”
Keyword & Full Text matches “great depression”“great depression”
Keyword & Full Text matches great
Keyword & Full Text matches depression
“great” AND “depression”

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