Q: Does ProQuest go through a process of reviewing images before adding them?
A: ProQuest does not review individual images in the eLibrary photo feed, however, our product and editorial teams are very selective in choosing responsible image providers and authoritative sources. Image providers in eLibrary include such reputable sources as UPI Photos, Toronto Star Photos, Reuters Pictures, NOAA Photo Library, Library of Congress Photos, KRT (Knight Ridder Tribune) Photos, Getty Images and Getty Historical Images, Bridgeman Art Archive Collection, Art Resource Images.
Q: Is there a process for reporting inappropriate content?
A: Contact a member of the ProQuest team via Email with your concern. This could be your account manager, your training and consulting partner or a customer service representative.
Your report will be forwarded to the product and editorial teams for eLibrary. Those teams will review content concerns and expedite actions to address the issue when warranted.
Q: Is there a way to block search terms on our end or limit specific content to our court school students?
A: Account-level blocking is not available; however, we do have a ‘global’ query block (i.e., searches that, by rule, return no results for all eLibrary users on the Guided Research application) that can be adjusted to address problematic search results.