1. How to Access Alexander Street Content
The fastest way to access Alexander Street content is through your library’s website. There is no login required to browse or view content if using your library’s credentials. You may be prompted to create a personal username and password to access additional features such as clips, playlists, and bookmarks. To create a new user account, visit: search.alexanderstreet.com/user/register

2. Search Multiple Ways to Discover Great Content
Collection pages highlight new resources,editor’s picks, and discipline-specific tools. Content is curated by subject matter specialists. Quick reference videos help you navigate user tools.
Editor’s selections and clips. Over 100,000 playlists and hundreds of clips created by editors, faculty, and subject matter experts provide superior annotations and help you quickly locate the most relevant content.
How to search for content:

3. Video Tools for Learning and Sharing
If you would like to have the PDF version of this guide, please download it in this article or at here.