If you are a member of a shared access consortium on Ebook Central, the titles provided by the consortium are held on the consortium parent site, and are not considered part of the member libraries' holdings. To allow consortium members to see which titles are owned or subscribed by their consortium and avoid purchasing duplicate copies, titles owned and subscribed by the consortium will show in LibCentral with a banner indicating that they are part of your consortium's holdings. This appears in acquisition catalog search results and on the book's details page.
Search results:
Consortium holdings flag on member site search results
Details page:
Consortium holdings flag on member site details page

Note that Visibility will be set to Off (unless the title is also held locally on the member site). Because the title is actually held on the consortium parent site, not the member library's site, the visibility is set on the consortium parent LibCentral site. This does not mean the titles are not accessible to patrons on the member site. If a title is set to visible on the parent site LibCentral, it will be accessible by each member library on their Ebook Central patron site.

Consortium members may download a title list (.csv) of their consortium titles from the LibCentral Dashboard, by clicking on the number of owned, subscribed, or DDA titles under the heading "Your Consortia Content."

Under the heading "Your consortia content" click "owned titles" to download a list of titles owned by the consortia