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SIRS® Issues Researcher and SIRS Discoverer® Upgrade Is Here

Based on feedback from customers and user analytics, SIRS® Issues Researcher and SIRS Discoverer® was upgraded on August 1, 2019 to better support the needs of student researchers.

Benefits include:

And coming later in 2019:

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Note about product preview images: The images featured on this page provide a sense of future design and are subject to change prior to release. Content does not necessarily reflect live product data.

In SIRS Discoverer®, browse trending topic pages, editor’s picks and curriculum-based features such as Country Facts and Animal Facts.

SIRS Discoverer

New biographies feature in SIRS Discoverer®

A new biographies feature curated by our editorial staff provides reference information on famous people appropriate for early researchers as well as links to the most relevant content in SIRS Discoverer.

SIRS Discoverer Biography

A mobile-friendly interface tailored to skills and behaviors of novice researchers

The interface can be viewed on any device and is tailored for both search and browse.

SIRS Discoverer Topic Browse

A consistent user experience across SIRS® products

The home page, advanced search, results list, article view, and topic pages have a consistent design and functionality across SIRS® products. This saves time in training and teaching of the products.

SIRS Issues Researcher Research Topic

Higher prioritization in search results of documents users are likely to find most useful

Relevant Leading Issues and SIRS Discoverer® Topic pages and images are present on the top of search results list helping make research workflow seamless for students.

SIRS Discoverer Results

Easier discovery of topic pages via search, and a list of trending topics on the home page

Discover Leading Issues and supporting content in SIRS Issues Researcher via trending topics, editor’s picks and a topic browse on the front page.

SIRS Issues Researcher

And coming later in 2019:

Ability to cross-search SIRS® with other ProQuest products

SIRS® products will also be available on the ProQuest Platform with the ability to cross search content with other ProQuest resources for a wider scope of research at your fingertips.

ProQuest platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ProQuest upgrading SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Issues Researcher?
ProQuest is listening to customers and enhancing our products to fit seamlessly into student, researcher, and patron workflows. By investing in SIRS, ProQuest is furthering its commitment to K12, public and college libraries, and the constituencies they serve.

What’s happening to SIRS Decades?
SIRS Decades subscribers were transitioned to a new ProQuest product with an equivalent topical value upon release of the SIRS upgrade. Contact your ProQuest Account Manager for details about product options.

What’s happening to SIRS Renaissance and SIRS Government Reporter?
SIRS Renaissance and SIRS Government Reporter customers were transitioned to the new SIRS Issues Researcher upon launch. All the content from SIRS Renaissance and SIRS Government Reporter is now accessible in the new SIRS Issues Researcher. The backfile content for all three products is now discoverable via search in the new SIRS Issues Researcher. For customers who had all three products, see appendix at the bottom of this page for further details about feature changes.

Is content being added or subtracted with the upgrade?
SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Issues Researcher customers did not lose any content. SIRS Discoverer added a ‘Famous People’ section which features short biographies created by ProQuest editors. SIRS Government Reporter and SIRS Renaissance customers did not lose any content. SIRS Decades content, which represents a small subset of less than 10,000 documents, will no longer be offered.

Are there changes to product features?
New features include easier discovery of editorially-created topic pages via search, and a list of trending topics on the homepage. These topic pages are curated by ProQuest editors to give the novice researcher helpful context when exploring a new topic. Upon release, these topics can be explored with a new visual browse experience. The new SIRS products are streamlined and focus on areas that novice researchers use most often. To properly showcase the elements that users, customers, and analytics tell us have the most value, some seldom-used or outdated features of the prior SIRS have been retired. See appendix at the bottom of this page for the details about those changes.

Will the prices of my current subscriptions increase because of the upgrade?
Even though the investment represents a significant upgrade and the list price of SIRS products is likely to go up, for existing customers of SIRS Discoverer, SIRS Issues Researcher, SIRS Renaissance, SIRS Government Reporter and the SIRS Knowledge Source bundle we will attempt to not increase prices above our normal annual increases where possible. SIRS Decades customers may see a price increase as part of the migration based upon the product to which their subscription is moved. Contact your Account Manager for details.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the upgrade?
No. Your access URL automatically forwards to the new product URL. At some point, you’ll want to update the URL for the product you provide to your users/patrons to reflect its new location.

What happens to permalinks I may have had to specific documents?
Links to specific documents from the legacy products will no longer be supported. You will want to update the document links to reflect their URL location on the new product.

Will the access method for SIRS change?
The most common authentication methods are supported in the upgraded version of SIRS. The base URL of SIRS has changed. Your product link(s) auto-forward to the new URL(s):

What's happening to the SIRS Widgets?
The SIRS Widgets went away. However, widgets can be created on-the-fly on the ProQuest platform. Details will be forthcoming.

How does the upgrade affect customers who access the product via a proxy server?
See appendix for detailed instructions.

Will my method of retrieving usage stats change?
For full information about usage stats, please contact technical support.

What if I have a question not covered on this support page?
Reach out to your Account Manager or contact SIRS Product Manager Larry Wilkner.


Features retired as part of the SIRS Upgrade are described below. Decisions about feature retirement were based on a combination of usage analytics, customer interviews, and contextual observation of student users. Upon release of the new SIRS, we will monitor customer feedback and consider adjustments as appropriate.

SIRS Knowledge Source (Platform including SIRS Issues Researcher, SIRS Renaissance, and SIRS Government Reporter)

SIRS Discoverer

Instructions for Customers Who Access SIRS via Proxy

EZproxy customers:

III WAM proxy customers:

Global Support

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If the above information does not answer your questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.