If your institution uses EZproxy, we strongly suggest you use the EZproxy Single Sign-On (SSO) approach so that your patrons do not need to have a separate login to access their Ebook Central personal account.  For more information about the EZproxy SSO approach  >See More

If you choose to use the basic EZproxy approach, in which you need to supply proxied links, every back and forth between the patron and Ebook Central has to pass through your EZproxy server (thereby slowing down access), and patrons will be required to sign in with a separate login to access their account on the Ebook Central site. 

For basic EZproxy, please use the following EZproxy config lines, where YOURSITE is your unique Ebook Central site ID.
Title Ebook Central Proxied
URL https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/YOURSITE
HJ http://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/YOURSITE
DJ ebookcentral.proquest.com
NeverProxy acs.ebookcentral.proquest.com

Please note that you will need to place this stanza below any Exclude IP lines if you would like to bypass the proxy for onsite users.