If your Ebook Central site uses the 'Patron Login' authentication method, as a librarian you can create or modify patron accounts. For general information about the 'Patron Login' authentication method,  >See More

To access the Manage Patrons options:

1. You will need to have a LibCentral login. If you don't, you can either request one from an Ebook Central librarian within your organization, or please contact the Technical Support Team by submitting your query on this form.

Go to your LibCentral site:
(where YOURSITE is your site identifier)

3. Under “Users” select “Manage Patrons”
Create a new patron account

4. In the Manage Patron window, there are options to:

To add a patron account, click “Add New Patron”
Manage Patrons page with Add Patron button circled in orange.

To upload a list of patron accounts, click "Import Patrons from CSV"
Screenshot of instructions for importing patrons: download template, populate template with patron data and save as .csv, upload file (using button on page), select 'don't import' or 'update existing account' for existing usernames

To modify an existing patron account, click on the patron's username
User-added image

To delete existing patron accounts, there are three options.
Manage patron page with Delete Selected Patrons button circled and checks in 'delete' checkboxes
You can also delete a patron account individually by clicking on the user name to delete from the 'modify' screen

You can search for patron accounts by name or email, and you can search for accounts created or used within a given time frame

To export a list of all current patron accounts, at the bottom right of the window, choose file type then click "Go" 
User-added image