EZproxy Single Sign-On (SSO) : EZproxy authentication software from OCLC allows your library to deliver secure online access to e-content simply and effectively. When an Ebook Central site is configured with EZproxy SSO, users sign in just once to both:  access the site and be signed in to their personal account.

How it works
Benefits of EZproxy SSO versus using regular proxies:
To set up EZproxy SSO (*if you're upgrading from EBL, see note at end of article)
Title Ebook Central SSO
Option ebraryUnencodedTokens
ebrarySite -URL=https://ebookcentral.proquest.com:443 YOUREBCENTRALSITE
URL https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/YOUREBCENTRALSITE
HJ http://ebookcentral.proquest.com
NeverProxy ebookcentral.proquest.com
NeverProxy YOUREBCENTRALSITE.ebookcentral.proquest.com
NeverProxy acs.ebookcentral.proquest.com

-replace YOUREBCENTRALSITE with your Ebook Central site ID.
-This stanza needs to be placed before any AutoLoginIP lines because the proxy login is used for patrons to sign into their personal account as well as for authentication.
-Our system only allows letters and numbers plus the following special characters in the patron username: _ . - @ ".  The userID sent by EZproxy must not contain any other special characters, or authentication will fail.
*Currently, customers upgrading from EBL with EZproxy Shared Secret should continue to use that method on Ebook Central.