Ebook Central MARC records are available as high-quality, hand-cataloged Full records, or machine generated Express records.

For details and examples of Ebook Central MARC records  >See more

Ebook Central MARC record retrieval:
MARC records can be retrieved from LibCentral:
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For information about MARC updates and scheduling options  >See more
For detailed instructions about retrieving MARC records, see the full MARC Record Help Document in LibCentral::
  1. Go to your LibCentral site and sign in
  2. Click the “Help” link at the top, far-right
  3. Click “Help Documents” in the list at left
  4. Click “MARC Records” in main list
LibCentral Help Documents page with MARC document link circled
This will bring up a PDF copy of the full MARC record Help Document.

A customization filter can be created for your Ebook Central Full MARC records. Customizations can include adding or changing static information in specific fields, or moving one field to another.  >See More

Upgraded from ebrary?  There are important differences in Ebook Central MARC records.  >See More