1. What sort of usage is logged for unauthenticated users on the open ProQuest platform experience?
  1. [Pre-July release] What usage is logged on my account for the preview content?
    • The preview content will not display on the platform once the user is authenticated, so there is nothing to log apart from the usage of the subscribed content.
  2. [Post-July release] How is usage logged on my account for the preview content?
    • All the preview content usage will display on all standard usage reports under a new ‘database’ called ProQuest Preview Content. The preview records will be logged as citations (Investigations) and the Open Access full text documents will be logged as full text retrievals (Requests). The only exception is for ebooks from Ebook Central, which will be logged on the EBC usage reports and will be retrievable from within LibCentral.
  3. [Post-July release] Will usage for preview content items that display to my end users within our account appear in COUNTER 5 reports?
    • Yes, the preview content usage will appear in COUNTER reports. The usage will be separate for books from Ebook Central vs. all other ProQuest content and will display slightly differently on each system:
- Ebook Central usage: this usage will be available from LibCentral and will display as ‘No-license’ turnaways. This is to distinguish this usage from users that only look at the Detail page of a licensed book.
- All other content: the documents that only provide a preview will display as Investigations and the Open Access documents that can be accessed in full will display as Requests. Both will display under a new database that has started to show up in customers reports called “ProQuest Preview Content” so that it’s easy to exclude it if you need to do so.