Copyright Registration Fee Increase

In October of 2019, the U.S. Copyright Office submitted an increase in copyright fees to Congress for approval. In order to reflect these changes, ProQuest has made appropriate pricing changes to the copyright registration service fee that we offer to authors. The pricing adjustments accommodate the expected U.S. Copyright Office fee changes as well as process changes that impact the filing services ProQuest provides to our authors. 

The $75 price increase for the copyright registration was effective on March 1, 2020. This fee includes the following ProQuest services for students/authors:

1.    Act on your behalf as your agent with the U.S. Copyright Office and apply for copyright registration as part of the publishing process.
2.    Prepare an application in your name.
3.    Submit your application fee.
4.    Deposit the required copy or copies of the manuscript.
5.    Triage any issues that arise with filing.
6.    Mail you the completed certificate of registration from the Library of Congress.