MARC records delivered through the LibCentral MARC updates page or exported from the Acquisition Catalog will be separated into multiple files if the MARC set is large: If you require one MARC file instead of separate files, you can easily join these MARC files using the free program MarcEdit. Here's how to do it:
  1. Open MarcEdit 
  2. Open the Tools Menu from the main window
  3. Open the MARC Processing Tools option, then select MARCJoin
  4. Select the Save File icon to choose a location and name for your joined MARC file, then select the Save button to enter the file path in the Save File field in the MARCJoin window
The save file icon opens a window that allows you to select a location and name for your combined MARC file
  1. Click on the File(s) to Join icon to select the MARC files you would like to join, then select Open to add the file paths to the correct field in the MARCJoin window
Selecting the files to join icon opens a window allowing you to select the files you would like to join
  1. Select the Process button. A confirmation alert will pop up telling you the files have been combined to the file specified as the save file.
the message states "Files have been combined to:" and lists the file path for the save file
You now have all your MARC records saved in one file.