How can I share my Newsletter with colleagues or my organization via e-mail?

  1. First, add your content in Step 1: Select Content. 
  2. From Step 2: Format / Add Recipients - You can add up to 100 email addresses, separated by a semicolon. CC and BCC fields are available. You must check the box to Attach a version of this newsletter as an attachment, and then Select Attachment Format: PDF or RTF,
    • Important: Step 2: Email Settings - you must include your own e-mail address to receive a copy of the Newsletter which you can forward to your colleagues from your own e-mail program, or to save as a PDF or RTF file,
  3. Click the Preview button next to Select PDF or RTF Template to view a preview of the newsletter. 
  4. From Step 3: Review / Publish
    Note: Preview buttons in Step 3 convert to Preview HTML or Preview PDF / RTF based on the designated format in Step 2 (PDF or RTF). You will be able to download the files immediately after publishing. In addition, the file name of the download will reflect the Newsletter and Edition Name, allowing you to customize the filename or use the default Edition Date. 

    Click the Publish button when you are satisfied with the newsletter; the newsletter will be sent to the addresses you entered, and you will receive a copy of the newsletter in your e-mail,
  5. You may now forward the newsletter to your colleagues from your e-mail program, e-mail the newsletter to your colleagues as an attachment, or save locally to your hard drive or local network to save to your local intranet. 
  6. Note: Emailed content from Factiva Alerts or Factiva Newsletters, or Factiva Workspace RSS or Workspace Widgets:
    Users who receive e-mailed content from Factiva Alerts or Factiva Newsletters, or use Factiva Workspace RSS or Workspace Widgets will see a two-columned land page when headlines are clicked in e-mail, RSS or widgets. This landing page promotes a smoother reading experience, allowing you to see all headlines on the right-hand side, and full text on the left for licensed content, or in a pop-up window for Web content. 

    Home button, located next to the Factiva logo, is available for users and Factiva Reader users to easily access and their Home pages.