Support Escalation Process
If a case is not progressing to the your satisfaction for any reason, you can escalate your case with a feature available when logged into the Support Center. This will escalate the case to the Support Team Manager’s attention.

Please Note: If you are a librarian or administrator and don’t already have a ProQuest Support Center login, sign up for an account, and you will receive a confirmation to access your account.

A button labeled “Escalate This Case” will now be available, to logged-in users, above the "Case Details" section.

What happens to escalated cases?
If you escalate a support case via the ProQuest Support Center, the Support Team Leader and Manager are notified automatically. You will receive confirmation that your escalation request was received, and we will review the case to identify next steps and update you daily.

In addition, you can escalate to the regional support focal point:
North AmericaDon
Europe, UK, Ireland, LATAM, Middle East, Africa, IndiaMartin Bü
APACJason Wang

For Refworks:

If the issue is related to training, you can also escalate to one of the following training focal points:
Director, Customer Experience - North AmericaScott
Director, Customer Experience - Europe, UK, Ireland, LATAM, Middle East, Africa, IndiaRebecca
Director, Customer Experience - APACSean
Vice President, Global Customer ExperienceJed

If you would like to know how to escalate an outstanding support case currently with Ex Libris, the escalation policy can be found here.