Some documents on the ProQuest platform consist of scanned images of the original print article, instead of a digital version. You may encounter these kinds of documents when accessing content from fashion magazines, government records, and other historical documents.

Where possible, we have provided a way for you to access the textual elements of these pages through an on-demand service. To find that service, tab through the page until you find the message starting with “Generate a text-only version of this document…” This message is located directly after the various saving options (cite, email, print, etc.).

Screenshot of a ProQuest document. There is a keyboard accessible prompt displayed with text about generating a text only version of the document.

Once you press enter, you will be taken to a new page where the text of the document will be displayed.  Note that the text may take a few moments to generate. Please note that the text-only version that appears below is generated automatically on request from scanned page images, using optical character recognition (OCR) software. The level of accuracy of the output may vary as it depends on a number of factors including the formatting of the original document, and the quality of the page images.

Screenshot of the result of the optical character recognition process, which is the plain text version of the original scanned article.

To get back to the original view of the article, click the back button.

Important Note: The sole purpose of this feature is to provide a way for user to have access to the full text of the image-based content for use with appropriate assistive technologies, such as screen readers. By following the link, you represent that your use falls within one or more of the statutory exemptions and/or fair use or fair dealing that allow for the reproduction of copyrighted works in accessible formats under applicable law. All other use of this functionality is prohibited.