How will TDM usage be recorded in ProQuest Counter reports?

When a user creates a dataset in TDM Studio, any usage will be recorded as a TDM request against its respective database or publication
  1. Text and data mining (TDM) is a computational process whereby text or datasets are analyzed by software that recognizes entities, relationships, and actions. (STM Statement on Text and Data Mining)
  2. COUNTER does not record the TDM activity itself, but only records the creation of the dataset that has been prepared for use in text and data mining. 
  3. Usage associated with TDM activity (e.g. articles downloaded for the purpose of TDM) MUST be tracked by assigning an Access Method of TDM.
  4. Usage associated with TDM activity MUST be reported using the Title, Database, and Platform Master Reports by identifying such usage as Access_Method=TDM.
  5. Usage associated with TDM activity MUST NOT be reported in Standard Views (TR_J1, TR_B1, etc.).
  6. For articles that belong to more than one database, the requests will be recoded to the database with the higher hierarchy in our system.