In the acquisition catalog in LibCentral, the yellow banner indicates if a title is Owned, Subscribed or DDA. The Visibility setting indicates if Visibility is On or Off.

When a library pauses a Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) program, the Visibility setting in LibCentral under Settings > Access Permissions is changed from “Owned, Subscribed & DDA Selected” to “Owned & Subscribed”. DDA titles are no longer visible in the patron interface.

The DDA title pool remains available and ready to be re-enabled. DDA titles in the library’s pool will display Visibility: On but not have a yellow banner. This allows librarians to see what titles are included in DDA from an administrator view while the titles remain inaccessible to users in the patron interface.

LibCentral acquisition search showing Visibility:On with no collection banner

Once DDA is re-enabled, a yellow banner indicating DDA will display for titles live in the DDA pool. These titles are now accessible to users in the patron interface.

LibCentral search results showing DDA banner