What are "Medical Synonyms" and how can I use them in my ProQuest Dialog search?

In June 2014, medical synonyms became available on Dialog. This feature allows searchers to include related terms in their searches and alerts, ensuring that results are as comprehensive as possible. This document contains frequently asked questions about the medical synonyms feature.

Where can I apply the medical synonyms?

The medical synonyms can be applied to search strategies in the basic, advanced and command line search forms when the “Include medical synonyms” checkbox is selected.

How does including medical synonym affect my search?

Searches are analyzed for available synonyms, which are added into the original search, allowing the return of more relevant results from additional terms that may not have been known. Medical synonyms are highlighted in search results and output so that any medical synonyms found in your search are clearly visible. The behavior will be the same regardless if you have a site license, commitment plan, transactional access or combination of the databases being searched.

Terms are matched based on the following rules:

Are medical synonyms applied to stacked mnemonics (i.e. ti,ab(therapy))?


What is the source for the medical synonyms?

The medical synonyms thesaurus is licensed from Stedman’s. Over time, ProQuest will continue to broaden and enhance our coverage of medical synonyms.

Will medical synonyms be applied to alerts, RSS feeds and saved searches?

When the “Include medical synonyms” checkbox is selected for a search, any alert, RSS feed or saved search created from that search will have medical synonyms applied. Alerts, RSS feeds and saved searches can be edited if the desire is to not have the medical synonyms applied. Customers should contact our Customer Experience and Support team at customer@dialog.com if they need assistance editing alerts or saved searches.

Which databases can I apply medical synonyms too?

Medical synonyms can be applied to all databases. The list includes all pharmaceutical, patents, news, trade, and engineering databases.

As an administrator, can I change the default selection of the “Include medical synonyms” checkbox?

As an administrator in the ProQuest Administrator Module, you may select to show or not show the checkbox for users. You can also select whether the checkbox is selected by default or not. The settings can be found in the “Interface Settings” in the “User Interface” tab.

The default behavior is to show the checkbox unchecked. The specific three options in PAM are: