Question: How can I export a Dialog alert search strategy and database list?

The new Dialog Alerts Manager tool allows to export the alert strategy and the database list of every active alert into an Excel readable CSV file. The following steps are describing the required export process:

1. Login to Dialog with the personal username and password
2. On the top right navigation bar click on the link "Alerts Manager"
3. If being prompted it may require to login into the new Alerts Manager a second time with the same Dialog user credentials
4. A list of active alerts is being displayed
5. Click on the alert name of choice to display the alert strategy and further alert details
6. On the top right side click on the link "Download Strategy"
7. A pop up window appears to allow to display or save the alert details into an Excel CSV file
8. The CSV file contains the following information
- Alert name and Alert ID
- Export time of the Alert strategy
- in separate colums: set number, search terms/search phrases, database names