1. To request to have a deposit account set up, please click here to submit a case on the Support Center. The request should include: 

· reason for deposit (example: DDA, specific fund, etc).
· name of institution
· OASIS account number (if known)
· Amount of the deposit
· any special wording required on the proforma invoice
· contact name and email address required for the delivery of the proforma invoice in pdf format
· timeline requirement for the deposit

2. The email will create a case/ticket for the OASIS Support team to set up the deposit account in our case management system
3. The OASIS Support Team will deliver a proforma invoice in pdf format by email
4. Once you pay the proforma invoice, the finance team will enter it as a credit on your account and the reference number used for that transaction is the proforma invoice number
5. We will invoice you as normal, invoices will be created with each book shipment/delivery
6. We will not automatically apply invoices to your deposit account. You can manage and make payments from your deposit account directly on the ProQuest Invoice Portal