Question: Why did my Dialog alert deliver a certain number of records but when I view the results on the Dialog platform there are less records available?

When viewing the results from a Dialog alert you discover that a record is no longer available, the following will usually be the reason. Between the delivery of this alert and the viewing of the data, the Embase Information Provider merged the original record that it had taken from Medline with its own version of the same record.

Unfortunately, this merger caused the deletion of the original record that was present in your alert from the platform. This merging of records only occurs when a Medline record is entered earlier than its Embase record equivalent on Embase.

When an Embase record is created first and the Medline record created later, then only the PMID and PUI and NLM status will be added to the Embase record and the Medline record will not be delivered to Dialog. However, the data for this record is still present on the Dialog platform (in its merged form) and can be retrieved by searching for it with the document title.