All Academic Complete subscriptions include complimentary Book Display Widgets and Syndetics Unbound features. Both services can provide an improved user experience through interactive exploration. They could also increase the circulation of your book and library collection.

Book Display Widgets are virtual showcases that can be customised and inserted in your homepage, landing pages, Lib Guides and social media.
EBook Central Title Carousel
The Syndetics Unbound Enrichments can be located on the Ebook Central platform, in the book details of certain publications. These could be in the form of Recommendations for other similar titles, Details about the Author, Related Tags etc.

EBC Details PageAbout the Author

After receiving the Academic Complete subscription confirmation, a welcoming e-mail with credentials and instructions on how to create and incorporate Book Display Widgets will automatically be sent to your inbox.

If you have not received the correspondence, please submit an EBook Central Technical Support case here.

We would be happy to assist you.