Ebook Central COUNTER reports now have the option to restrict to specific collections. In LibCentral, select COUNTER Report from the Reports Menu. You will see a Collections selection box for all COUNTER reports except COUNTER 4 Platform Report 1 (since this is a platform-level report and collections are not applicable).

Screenshot of COUNTER BR1 reports page on LibCentral, showing list of collections
  DDA usage is not broken out – DDA usage will appear under ‘All Content’.

NOTE: Limiting the COUNTER report to a specific collection will include usage for all titles in that collection at the time the report is run. This means that a report limited to subscription titles may include non-subscription usage, if there are titles in that collection currently that were held in some other way at the time of usage. For example, if you had a title in your DDA collection in from January to June and it was added to Academic Complete in June, if you run a COUNTER report for Academic Complete for the entire year any usage of the title when it was in your DDA collection will be included in that report.
In other words, the collection is defined as those in the subscription at the time the report is run – whether or not the usage reported was under a subscription at the time of use.
The collections filter will only include subscription collections that are currently held. If you previously subscribed to a collection but have cancelled, that usage is still available but can now only be accessed by selecting the 'All Content' link.

Consortia COUNTER reports
If the library is a member of a consortium, collections listed include member site holdings and holdings from consortium.

Screenshot of COUNTER BR1 reports page on LibCentral for consortium member, showing list of member and consortium collections

Consortium holdings are separated out. There are options to get all content (member and consortium), separate collections for purchased (member), purchased (consortium), subscription collections held on the member site and subscriptions held by the consortium. The consortium site ID is listed after the collection name (blurred in the screenshot above) so holdings from multiple consortia can be identified.

These reports will include ONLY this member’s usage (not usage for consortium as a whole).

The collections filter is available for all COUNTER reports except for COUNTER 4 Platform Report 1. For the Platform Report 1, there is a checkbox "Include consortia usage" to select if you require the member's usage against consortium titles included in the report.

If SUSHI credentials are generated from the member site LibCentral, SUSHI reports will now include the member’s usage for consortium and member holdings.