I'm using truncation in my search.  Why am I not seeing relevant results?

There are several reasons using truncation may not return the results you are expecting:

1.    The * only expands to 5 characters by default.  As a result, your search may not include some of the terms you would expect.  For example, if your search included dis*, disability would not be included because it is longer than the 5 character expansion.

2.    The maximum number of expansions will be capped at 500.  Using the example above, dis* expands into over 61,000 different terms.  This means the majority of the expansions would not be utilized in the search.

3.    Any query terms with truncation participate in recall, but they do not participate in relevance scoring.  This means the documents you see on the first page of results may not be those that are most useful to your research.  

If you have additional questions, please contact technical support.