How can I assure a correct display of a company logo and/or a link resolver image in the ProQuest Dialog interface?

The correct display of a company logo or a link resolver image requires the ProQuest Dialog application to pull the logo or image from a public available web server. If a customer cannot provide the logo or image through a public server (i.e. firewall restrictions), ProQuest Dialog does offer the option to host the logo or image at no additional charge.

Once the supplied logo or image is stored on the ProQuest Dialog server, the customer will receive the URL for the logo or image location and can then add our URL in the ProQuest Dialog Administration Module (PAM) to the appropriate section.

The logo or image size file requirements are:

For any questions and more details contact the ProQuest Dialog customer support at or telephone (toll-free) at 1.800.334.2564 (North America) or 00 800 33 34 2564 (Rest of World).