1. Title is set to "visible" in LibCentral
  2. A user clicks on direct link to title and sees the availability message "Sorry, this book is not available. Please contact your librarian about purchasing it, or search for another book."
Root Cause:
The problem is caused by visibility settings. This could be an incorrect visibility setting in LibCentral or a setting that Ebook Support will need to adjust for you.

To determine if the problem is a LibCentral visibility setting:
  1. Sign in to LibCentral
  2. Go to Settings ->Access Permissions and click on the Access Permission ID
  3. On the "General" tab, make sure the visibility setting is set to "Owned, Subscribed, and DDA Selected" 
If the LibCentral visibility setting is correct, the problem may be that your site has a different visibility setting for anonymous users. If you have anonymous access enabled for users from particular IP ranges or referring URLs, your on-campus users and/or users accessing through a proxy server may see a different availability message than users who are signed in to an Ebook Central account. To determine if this is the case:
  1. Go to the access URL for the title with the "Sorry, this book is not available" message 
  2. Sign in to your Ebook Central account
  3. If the availability message changes, please contact Ebook Support by selecting the "Submit a case" link on the top right of this page and describe the problem as completely as you can
  4. Ebook Support can link your anonymous visibility to the LibCentral setting to ensure that anonymous and signed-in users see the same title availability information