Ebook Central offers users the option to use the platform in the OpenDyslexic typeface. To turn this option on:
  1. Sign in to your Ebook Central account
  2. Go to Settings ->Profile
  3. Under Accessibility Mode, select the checkbox for "Use OpenDyslexic typeface"
Profile settings showing OpenDyslexic typeface checkbox under Accessibility Mode options
  1. Check the box to agree to ProQuest's privacy policy and terms and conditions
  2. Save Changes
You can use OpenDyslexic typeface with or without enabling Accessibility Mode. When Accessibility Mode is also enabled, the typeface change will also apply to the ebook text. If Accessibility Mode is off, the typeface is applied to all pages of Ebook Central, but not the text within the reader.
Because this setting is associated with your Ebook Central account, you must be signed in to Ebook Central to use this typeface.

NOTE: Due to differences in browser functionality, the typeface change will not apply to text inside dropdown menus in the Firefox and Safari browsers. We recommend using Chrome or Internet Explorer/Edge when using OpenDyslexic typeface.

What is OpenDyslexic typeface?
OpenDyslexic is a typeface designed to help combat some of the symptoms of dyslexia. For more information and to see what it looks like, go to https://www.opendyslexic.org/