What settings are available from the eLibrary Local Administration page?

Interface options in the eLibrary Local AdminWeb are listed below.
NOTE: If there is no description the only options are enable/disable.

  1. Reference content availability
  2. Subject content availability
  3. Audio/Video content availability
  4. Reading level display
  5. Reading level options - Select between reading level, Lexile score, or California reading list #
  6. Image printing
  7. Email
  8. Animation
  9. Topic Feedback
  10. Who can admin bookcarts - Select between all logins or teacher logins only
  11. OpenURL Availability - This option is currently under development
  12. Editorial features availability - Turn on or off essential pages
  13. Slideshow features
  14. Tagging features
  15. Dictionary lookup on doubleclick.
  16. Default Search Page - Select between basic, advanced, or topic

There are also options for publication blocking, stop words, and library branding.