When searching ProQuest Dialog, can you truncate a space as well as an actual term?

Although you can use truncation at either end of a term or anywhere within a term, you cannot use any of the available truncation symbols on the ProQuest Dialog platform to search for a term with a space, or at the end of a hyphen

Acceptable forms of truncation positioning are:

term1* or *term1 or ter*m1

term1? or ?term1 or ter?m1

term1[*n] or [*n]term1 or ter[*n]m1

term1$n or $nterm1 or ter$nm1

where truncation can be can be *(wildcard), ? (wildcard) [*n] (limited truncation); $n (limited truncation)

Unacceptable forms of truncation positioning are:

A/ space

term1 * or * term1

term1 ? or ? term1

term1 [*n] or [*n] term1

term1 $n or $n term1

where truncation can be *(wildcard), ? (wildcard) [*n] (limited truncation); $n (limited truncation)

Trying to truncate after a space will result in the following error message:

Invalid wildcard expression (when using wildcard * or ?)

Invalid expression was found (when using limited truncation [*n] or $n)

B/ hyphen

term1-* or *-term1

term1-? or ?-term1

term1-[*n] or [*n]-term1

term1-$n or $n-term1

Where a hyphen is used and followed immediately by a truncation symbol, the search will time out at this point