The ProQuest academic platform uses your account ID and an API key generated from your ProQuest Administrator Module (PAM) account to generate your COUNTER 5 SUSHI data.

Your account ID can be found at the top of the page when you are logged into your PAM account. The Account ID can be used as both the customer_id and the requestor_id for SUSHI retrieval. 
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You can get the API key (token) in your PAM account by doing the following:

1. Go to the Usage Reports tab.

2. Under "COUNTER 5 Usage Reports" section, click on "Get SUSHI Token" link.
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3. If a SUSHI Token hasn't already been generated you can do so by clicking the "+ Get SUSHI Token" button.
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Here are the URLs you can use to generate your COUNTER 5 SUSHI data. You'll just need to change the date range to whatever dates you are generating the usage for and replace "ACCT_ID" with your actual Account ID and "TOKEN_ID_FROM_PAM" with the actual SUSHI token generated from your PAM account:
(NOTE: COUNTER 5 usage data is available from October 2018. If you select an earlier date to generate usage for you will receive an error.)

Platform Usage Master Report [pr]:

Platform Usage [pr_p1]:

Database Usage Master Report [DR]:

Database Search and Item Usage [DR_D1]:

Database Access Denied [DR_D2]:

Title Usage Master Report [tr]:

Book Requests (Excluding OA_Gold) [TR_B1]:

Access Denied by Book'[TR_B2]:

Book Usage by Access Type [TR_B3]:

Journal Requests (Excluding OA_Gold) [TR_J1]:

Access Denied by Journal [TR_J2]:

Journal Usage by Access Type [TR_J3]:

Journal Requests by YOP (Excluding OA_Gold) [TR_J4]:

Item Master Usage Report [ir]:

Journal Article Requests [IR_A1]:

Multimedia Item Requests [IR_M1]:

These URLs are also available in the attached text file: COUNTER5_SUSHI_URLs.txt (below)