You have several choices when searching by date in's Search Builder page under the Search tab. 

1.     Select one of the Pre-Set dates from the pull-down menu selections. Your choices are:

o    In the last day

o    In the last week

o    In the last month

o    In the last three months

o    In the last six months

o    In the last year

o    In the last two years

o    In the last five years

o    All dates


2.     Select the Enter Date Range option from the pull-down menu selection. Type your specific date range into the boxes that appear, or click the calendar icon to open a calendar and pick the date you want. 

User-added image

Important Note: The date format is based on your default preference setting for date format for your user entry fields.****

3.     Add the date range to your Free-Text search. Note: The date format used in your search is based on your default preference setting for date format for your user entry fields.****

Following are some Free Text search examples, using the MM/DD/YYYY format, that can be used to locate articles with a single date, a time frame before or after a specific date, or a specified date rangeImportant! When using this option, you must select All Dates from the date range pull down menu for your search to run properly. 

o    Search terms and exact date mm/dd/yyyy
Example: green tea and date 08/29/2012
Will find articles with the exact publication date of August 29, 2012

o    Search terms and date after mm/dd/yyyy
Example: green tea and date after 02/01/2012
Will find articles dated February 2, 2012 and later

o    Search terms and date before mm/dd/yyyy
Example: green tea and date before 02/01/2012
Will find articles with a publication date of January 31, 2012 and earlier

o    Search terms and date from mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy
Example: green tea and date from 01/01/2013 to 09/12/2013 
Will find articles dated between January 1, 2013 and September 12, 2013, including the date range end dates. 

Note****: Your default date format is based on your geographic location (home country) and can be changed at any time by following these steps:
Click the Settings/Tools Gear then select Settings - Preferences. The option to Choose date format for your user entry fields is located under the General tab. Remember to click the Save button.