Ebook Central knows how important value, convenience, and privacy are to you and your users.

That’s why Ebook Central offers Single Sign On (SSO)
-- users sign in just once using their existing credentials to both gain access to your Ebook Central site and to sign into their personal account.

Five things to know about SSO:

1. It saves users time. By logging in once with credentials they are familiar with, users don’t need to create another account or remember another set of credentials, and can quickly access the ebooks they need to complete their research projects.

2. It enables higher usage of authoritative content for your library. Users are less likely to be thwarted by the request to create another account with another set of credentials they have to remember, and end up going to less authoritative, easier-to-access open web resources.

3. It provides instant access to advanced features. By logging in, users are able to download books without interruption, as well as access their saved books and annotations from past sessions.

4. It protects your users’ privacy. SSO passes users to your own authentication system—EZ Proxy, Shibboleth, OpenAthens, and others—so your users’ private data is not shared with nor stored by Ebook Central. Your local authentication system passes us a unique identifier that represents the individual and that is what is tracked into the ebooks usage data.

5. It provides more granular usage reporting for your library. By passing a unique, anonymous identifier for each user, SSO allows us to report user activity in greater detail – leading to better insight for you – while preserving the privacy of individual users.

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