Ebook Central's collection of books is continually growing. Occasionally books also need to be removed from subscriptions and/or from DDA/purchase eligibility because of changes in publishers rights and business models, or because of a publisher’s specific request to remove an older edition and replace it with a newer edition.

ProQuest is glad to report that we have been able to negotiate with most of our publishers to hold removals to a semiannual schedule so that we can give you advance notification.

Semiannual removals schedule:

The bulk of new titles are added on a quarterly schedule, by the 1st of these months:

While books are not added to subscriptions between these scheduled add dates, there is sometimes a lag in delivery of MARC records. In addition, there can be the occasional removals off-cycle due to loss of publisher rights. Unfortunately, loss of rights requires titles to be removed immediately, and we apologize for the inconvenience. When the number of off-schedule titles to be removed is fairly high, we do try to message our clients at the time of removal. However, due to legalities, we may sometimes remove titles before a notice is sent. 

If you are librarian and you use Ebook Central MARC records to keep your catalog up-to-date, it is important to process your Ebook Central MARC Updates on a regular basis. For details about the Ebook Central MARC Updates tool  >See more