ProQuest Dialog offers a "Remember me" option on the login page. When and how does the "Remember me" option work?

The "Remember me" option requires you to have cookies being enabled in the browser. If the "Remember me" option is selected, it will create a persistent cookie with a definite life span. Such a cookie will be saved locally on the system and will be reused on the next visit to ProQuest Dialog after reopening the previously closed browser.
NOTE: The cookie will no longer being available, once the system has been shut down.

How the "Remember me" option works:

  1. Access
  2. Select the "Remember me" checkbox and log in to ProQuest Dialog
  3. After using ProQuest Dialog, close the browser window
  4. Open the browser again and link back to the login page
  5. When cookies are set, you'll log in to ProQuest Dialog automatically

The "Remember me" option does not work:

  1. When cookies are disabled
  2. When cookies are deleted automatically after closing the browser window
  3. When the URL is used
  4. When the ProQuest Dialog session is finished with "Exit session" or "Pause session"