COUNTER Journal Report 1

What is in the COUNTER Journal Report 1?  What is in the Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal:JR1 Report?

This usage report meets the requirements the COUNTER Code of Practice Release 3. It provides information on the number of full-text journal articles retrieved by users, broken out by the journal. It also provides separate breakouts for the number of full-text articles viewed in HTML vs. PDF format. It shows:

  • The total number of online full-text articles retrieved, broken out by month and journal.
  • The total number of online full-text articles retrieved for the year, with separate year-to-date totals for HTML and PDF formats.

The formatting of reports for the COUNTER standard is strictly defined by the COUNTER Code of Practice. Therefore, the layout and format of COUNTER usage reports may be different than other usage reports provided by ProQuest.