Available Languages for the Factiva.com interface

In what languages is the interface available in Factiva.com?

French, Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese language interfaces are available in Factiva.com, in addition to the English interface.

You can change the language by clicking on the Interface Language link located at the top of most pages, on the left-hand side. (Note that the Interface Language link is not available on the Start Page or the Manage My Folders page.)

Intelligent indexing terms are translated into the interface language. In addition, editor's choice and web resources are specific to the interface language. Source descriptions are also available in the language of that source. (Note: If a source is not translated into the interface language, the source description will be in English.)

Tip: You may need to change the screen resolution to improve the text display. When a user selects an interface language other than English, your settings are checked automatically to determine what resolution is running. If below 1024x768, a pop-up warning box may appear to suggest increasing the screen resolution. This may be necessary to display German language interface. You may choose to increase the resolution, or disable the box.