My firewall does not support using URLs.  What IP addresses should I use for

Syndetics leverages a caching service called Cloudflare when you use One of the major advantages to this service is much faster response times serving images – content that has been retrieved is cached close to the end user and the Cloudflare network is highly optimized for performance. The major disadvantage is we cannot guarantee what the IP address of is going to be on a particular day or for a particular customer. That’s determined by the Cloudflare network based on internet traffic patterns – and optimized multiple times an hour – so the IP address has the potential to change fairly frequently.

If you can't work with changing IP addresses, the alternative is to use or alternatively These names point directly at the product platform and bypass the Cloudflare network. The advantage to this method of connecting is you don't have to worry about the destination IP address changing. The disadvantage is all of the content will be served via our data center in Virginia, and it will bypass the geographically close caching which Cloudflare provides.

The IP addresses of those URLs are as follows: - -