Criteria to define usage report

What criteria can be used to define my Usage Report?
Select the Account(s) for which you want a report

The drop-down list contains the departments/organizations that are associated with your ProQuest Administrator Module account. A department/organization can have other departments/organizations (clients) within it-each of which will have a unique corresponding Client ID found in parenthesis. The Client ID number corresponds to internal database records at ProQuest concerning your account.

Report type

There are several different Usage Report Types available. Once you select your Report Type from the drop down list there will be a brief explanation of what details will be captured on the report. There is also a link to preview a sample report.

Usage period

Click the drop-down to select a month/year from the list to define the usage period.

E-mail to

If you selected detailed report, enter an e-mail address where you want to send the report.
Note: If you selected summary report, you can leave this field blank.