How to Setup Username and Password Access

Instructions on how to set up username and password access to ProQuest

If your institution has remote users who have no other means of authentication, you can set up usernames and passwords for them to use on the main ProQuest login page.
Note: The ProQuest Local Administrator Program is for authorized library/institution personnel only. Please contact customer service if you do not have an account set up, or if you forgot your login information.


  1. Log into ProQuest Administrator Module at
  2. Click on Authentication/Access on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on the Manual Login tab.
  4. Click on the Create Manual Login button.
  5. Enter in the username and password you would like to create.
  6. Select the usage group you want this counted on.
  7. Click Save.
Once you have entered the login details, they will be listed under Manual Login Details in alphabetical order. You can edit, delete, or modify the login details at anytime.