How to Setup Barcode Lookup Access to ProQuest

How to set up barcode lookup access to ProQuest.
You can upload a list of valid barcodes used at your institution that ProQuest can validate by checking their submitted
barcode against the list.

Note: The ProQuest Administrator Module is for authorized library/institution personnel only.
 Please contact customer service if you do not have an account set up, or if you forgot your login information.
  1. Set up a file in txt or csv format on your computer containing a list of barcode values.
    The file must be either a csv or txt format.
     If you are using a username and password combination,
    they need to be separated by a comma (i.e. name, password).
  2. Login to ProQuest Administrator Module at
  3. Click on Authentication / Access on the left side of the page.
  4. Click on the Barcode tab.
  5. Click Add lookup list.
  6. If applicable, select the usage group that the list will apply to.
  7. Enter a name for the list.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter the path and filename of the file you created in step 1. If you want to add more barcodes to a file you created previously,
    click Add barcodes.You can also add barcodes by entering them manually.

It is advised that customers set up the ‘preferred redirect URL’ to go to the barcode page.
his way you will only need a single link for both on-site users and off-site users.
The ‘preferred redirect URL’ can be set up in the PAM, using the following instructions:

  1. Once you have set up barcode access, log into PAM with your administrator username and password
  2. Then click on the ‘Authentication/Access’ tab on the left hand side
  3. On the top right side of the screen, click on ‘Additional Authentication Options’

  4. Under the ‘Preferred Redirect Page for Remote/Manual Access’ click on ‘Edit remote user redirection’

  5. Select ‘Barcode login page’ from the drop down menu
  6. Click on ‘Save changes’