Norton Internet Security 2008

Instructions for configuring Norton Internet Security 2008 with Parental Control Add-on.

1. Open Norton Internet Security 2008.
2. Click Norton Add-On Pack Tab.

Norton Add-on Pack

3. Click Parental Controls.

4. Click Configure.

Parental Controls Config Button

5. Please enter your password to access Parental Controls. If you have not already setup a password, it will prompt you to create a new one. If you can not remember your password, please contact Norton directly.

6. Click Advanced settings under the username.

Parental Controls Main

7. Click Exceptions.

Parental Controls Advanced Settings

8. Click Add.

Parental Controsl Exception List

9. Type in and click OK.

Add Dialog

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for the following web site addresses instead of :