If you are trying to share or email a bookshelf folder to recipients who need to access the Ebook Central site via proxied links, there are a few options. First here are a few details about how sharing and emailing bookshelf folders work: Given this info, the best option for sending a bookshelf folder to a user who will need to access the Ebook Central site via a proxy is to share the bookshelf.  Here are two alternative approaches:
  1. Sender accesses the Ebook Central site via the proxy server when they are going to create a shared folder. That way the shared-bookshelf-folder link provided by the system will be proxied.
  2. Sender does not access the Ebook Central site via the proxy server, but then pastes in the proxy info to the front of the generated shared-bookshelf-folder link. That is, the sender would simply paste the proxy prefix (e.g., http://ezproxy.sitexyz/login?url=) at the front of the shared-bookshelf-folder link's URL (taking care not to have any spaces or extra characters).
If someone has emailed you a bookshelf folder, and now you want to open one of the books even though you are off campus and need to access your Ebook Central site via your proxy server, you can do the following:                    
       7. Go to your Ebook Central site in the usual way
       8. Open any book on the Ebook Central site
       9. In the URL at the top, replace the docID of that book with the one you just copied from the book in the email
For additional details about sharing or emailing a bookshelf folder, see Ebook Central Bookshelf (Options & Tools)

For additional assistance please contact the Technical Support Team by submitting your query on this form.