Add a title in BowkerLink

Add a title in BowkerLink

Use this screen to add your titles in Bowker’s database.  Complete the applicable data entry fields on two pages: 

  • Title Information page
  • Additional Title Information page

To add titles:  Select Add Title found in the upper right half of the screen.

You will receive a blank form to fill in. It is suggested you search the ISBN prior to adding the new title to be sure we do not already have the information on file. If you should try to add an ISBN that is already in the file, you will only get a message after you have input all of the details.  The message will indicate that the ISBN already exists in the system.

Items marked with * indicate required fields.

Help is available for each data entry field by clicking on the field name.

Click Finish and Save after you have entered all the necessary information.

The message YOUR CHANGES HAVE BEEN SAVED IN THE PENDING TRANSACTION # indicates you have successfully saved your information. Any errors or omissions will be displayed and highlighted in red. Make the appropriate corrections then click Finish and Save again.  Continue to make corrections until the above message appears.

Once your information is saved, it will be listed on the View Pending Transactions screen until our processing begins.  Note that it takes approximately 2 business days for your information to move from Pending to Bowker’s database.  Your title will not be searchable in BowkerLink Search Title screen during that time. 

At the bottom of the screen, you will see links to access the Additional Title Information.  Click Finish and Save after entering information on the Additional Title page and look for the message YOUR CHANGES HAVE BEEN SAVED IN THE PENDING TRANSACTION #.


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