Adding books to My Bookshelf.

How do I add books to My Bookshelf?

In general, when you find a search result in a book you like, simply add the corresponding book to My Bookshelf with one click. You can continue adding books until My Bookshelf is full at which time you can swap in a new book for an older book or upgrade to the next size bookshelf. The only rule is that any given book needs to stay on My Bookshelf for 30 days before you are allowed to swap.

Here are three additional ways:

  1. Add a book in preview mode:
    When you are viewing a book that is not on your personal bookshelf (My Bookshelf), you will be able to start reading, but you will soon see a box at the bottom notifying you that "This is only a preview". There will be an "Add to Bookshelf" link in the box. Click on Add to your subscription and you will get a pop up screen telling you the number of slots the book will occupy if added to My Bookshelf and asking if you still want to add the book to My Bookshelf.  Click Yes and you will get a pop-up screen telling you that the book has been added to My Bookshelf.  When you click OK you will return to the book you were previewing, and be able to access the complete book.
  2. Add a book from the catalog page:
    Click on the book's cover or title and you will be taken to the book's catalog page. If the book is not already on My Bookshelf, you will see a button that allows you to "Add to My Bookshelf."
  3. Add a book in Browse by Category mode:
    Books on Safari Bookshelf are classified in 21 different categories. You can view the books in a specific category by going to the left sidebar and selecting a category under Browse by Category tab. Some of the main categories, such as Certification or Programming, have sub-categories that let you quickly drill down to the specific topic you are seeking. Once you have found the specific category or sub-category that you want, click on it and you will see a listing of all of the books under that category in a table format with five columns: Title, Date Added to Safari, Publisher, Pub Date, and Bookshelf.  If a book is not on My Bookshelf, the column named Bookshelf will have a button labeled Add. If a book is already on My Bookshelf, the column will just say On Bookshelf. To add a book to My Bookshelf, simply click on the Add button.

    No matter which of the three methods of adding a book to My Bookshelf you choose, you will always see a series of pop up screens confirming the addition. For example, when you click on the Add button, a dialog box will pop up to tell you how many slots this book will consume on My Bookshelf and ask you to confirm the addition. Clicking on No will simply take you back to the catalog page. Clicking on Yes will bring up another dialog box asking you to confirm that you would like to add the book My Bookshelf, and advising you as to how many slots will remain available on My Bookshelf if you add the book. After you click on OK, you will be sent to the My Bookshelf page of Safari, where you will now see the book on My Bookshelf.