COUNTER Reports Information

What are the COUNTER 3 Usage Reports?   Is ProQuest COUNTER-compliant?
The COUNTER 3 usage reports are a set of standardized, defined statistical usage reports developed by the Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources organization, commonly known as COUNTER. COUNTER is a not-for-profit organization formed through the participation of libraries, publishers, vendors, and information providers to develop and provide an agreed international set of standards and protocols governing the recording and exchange of online usage data.

ProQuest is a full voting member of the COUNTER organization, and all of the databases on the ProQuest platform are compliant with Release 2 of the COUNTER Code of Practice. More information on the COUNTER organization and standards can be found at the COUNTER website.

The COUNTER standard requires five usage reports and recommends two additional usage reports. It defines the exact ways in which the usage statistics in these reports can be counted, and it also specifies the exact layout and file formats of these reports. The advantages of these reports include:

  • Comparability. Because all information providers must use the same definitions in assembling usage statistics, the COUNTER reports are translatable across vendors for comparing usage.
  • Compatibility. Because the COUNTER Standard strictly defines the contents and substance of these reports, they are provided in a uniform data set across databases and vendors.
  • Portability. Because the layout and formatting of the reports are strictly defined, COUNTER reports are easily imported into spreadsheet programs or other data analysis tools.

ProQuest provides three of the required reports and one of the optional reports for the databases on the ProQuest platform. The COUNTER reports not available are not provided on account of the fact that they do not apply to they way ProQuest licenses and provides content. The COUNTER Reports offered by ProQuest are as follows: