My Safari account is locked.

Why is my account locked?

Accounts are locked due to one of the following reasons:

Long sessions or quick scanning of pages can create a "false" alert, which may lock the account.  During a long session, revalidate your credentials to the Safari system by occasionally closing your browser and opening  a new one.
Safari Tech Books Online is designed as an online subscription library service, not an offline viewer. With Safari you "rent" or "checkout" books, you do not "buy" the books. While the Safari Terms of Service allows portions of books to be manually copied, either electronically or printed; as per the Safari Terms of Service, these copies must be deleted or destroyed once the title is no longer in your subscription or you no longer have a Safari Tech Books Online subscription.  Additionally, downloading content using automated retrieval mechanisms is prohibited. 

As per the Safari Terms of Service:
[YOU MAY] download and store sections of a book's contents onto your hard drive or other storage device for your use only for as long as that book remains available under your current subscription, where after you shall delete any such portions off all hard drives or storage devices;

[YOU AGREE] not to use "web spiders" or any other automated retrieval mechanisms when using the Service other than what is provided by the Service;

In this case, a spider is a program that goes to a website and copies its pages. Using a spider on Safari violates the Terms of Service of Safari. Please note that the following will trigger alerts:   

*IE 5's View Offline Feature 
* Use of Adobe Acrobat to browse Safari 
* Spider programs- programs that copy a website to your local computer
* Programs that ''speed up'' your web browsing
* Use of "follow link" features when printing

Your account may also be locked when the subscription expires.