Database Activity - Annual Report

What is in the Database Activity - Annual Report?

This report is similar to the Database Activity - Summary report, but is broken out by month for the previous 12 months. The date range for this report is fixed at one year and the years' range is determined by selecting the ending month.

The report provides an annual summary, followed by a month-by-month breakdown. The information includes:

  • The total number of searches in each database, broken down by location
  • The number of articles retrieved from each search, broken down by the format provided (citation/abstract or any full text format)
  • The previous year totals, and the percent change from the previous year
  • The total number of unique searches

If the user selects to display a report for all sites in the hierarchy, there will be a summary section showing usage for the master client, and a detailed section that breaks out usage by individual clients (location).